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Tribute to Sir John A. Macdonald

Commissioned by Parks Canada to create and present a bilingual, theatrical tribute to the fathers of Confederation in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sir John A, Macdonald. The presentation was educational and entertaining focusing on the historical contributions of Sir John A Macdonald and George Étienne Cartier to shaping our nation in the form of a musical history tour of Canada.

Presented a the Kingston City Hall in January 2015 the presentation was extremely well received by an audience of new Canadian families and Canadian dignitaries, including the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and the Mayor of Kingston.

Historical Vignettes:
These vignettes, either as part of the larger Canada Roars presentation or as stand a-lone features, have enabled audiences to recognize Canada’s diverse and exceptional figures, places and accomplishments, enhanced knowledge and understanding of our shared history and values, and has provided opportunities for Canadians to participate in commemorative activities and celebrations.

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Photo credit Rob Mooy (Kingston, Ontario, Freelance Photographer)